My Portfolio

Ruby Princess – Portrait

Ruby Princess

Miracle On The Roof

Portrait Before Baptism – Kalina Sikorska

Dancing with The Nature

Hiding with The Sunset

Dancing with The Field

Summer Time Fun with Daughter

Simple Senior Portrait On The Beach

Blue-eyed Double Little Beauty

Black and White Pure Portrait

Sisters Portrait

Angel’s Look

Black and White Angel’s Look

Black and White Glitter

Glittery Look



Black and White Windy Portrait

Sweet Blonde Portrait

American Portrait of Florida

New Model in Florida

Hilarious Cottage Girl

Summer Time with Little Friend

Summer Cottage Portrait

Pink Blushing

Sweet Anger

Black and White Adorable Little Portrait

Sunset Love

Shy Love

Cat on Focus

Black and White Big Dog

Christmas Dog

Black and White Glamour in the Mirror

Black and White Portrait in the Mask

Looking for True

Blue American Portrait in Mask

Mask’s Prom

Blue Thoughts

Portrait in the Mask

Blue Independence

Last Look in the Mirror

Blue Dress with Blue Smoke

Hiding in Blue

Looking for the secrets

Golden Rose with the Mask

Blue Glamour Wind

Blonde Simple Glamour During the Sunset

Blonde Glamour During the Sunset

Blonde Portrait with Sunshine


Hazelnut Colorful Look

Black and White Brunette Simple Sweet Portrait

Pin-up Double Smile

Cold Pin-up Girl

Pin-up Double Portrait

Pin-up Girl’s Thoughts

Pin-up Glamour

Just a Red Kiss

Pin-up Essence

Pin-up Outdoor Look

Pin-up Sweet Portrait

Pin-up Girl

Pin-up Look

Hazelnut Brunette Simple Portrait on the Roof

Catching Thoughts on the Roof

Simple Blonde Portrait on the Roof

Blonde Portrait with the Wind

Dancing on the Roof During the Sunset

Dancing on the Roof

Black and White Brunette Ballerina

Twine with Sunshine

Black and White Preparedness

Feel It

Black and White Blonde Ballerina

You Are Free

Black and White Dance Smooth

Do not Trim the Wings. Never

Simple Real Blonde Outdoor Portrait

Simple Real Blonde Portrait


Black and White Simple Portrait with the Hammock

Black and White Portrait with the Hammock

Feel the Wind

Slavic Thoughts

Muddle Slavic Portrait

Slavic Girl

Double Glamour Tuscany

Summer Flowers

Black and White Tuscany Portrait

Black and White Silent

Black and White Look of Her

Wonderful Look for Tuscany

Adorable Tuscany

Smooth Blue Tuscany

Favorite Portrait


West Tuscan Sun

Just Joy of Life

Blue-eyed Blonde Child’s Portrait


Blue-eyed Brunette Portrait in Sunshine

Black and White Blue-eyed Brunette Simple Portrait

Green Blue-eyed Brunette Simple Portrait

Blue-eyed Brunette Portrait

Look of First Love

Last Look for Summer

Let Me Dance

Cute Determination

Sunshine Portrait

Last Breath of Summer

Black and White Simple Portrait

Tiny Glamour

Black and White Fox Portrait

Fox’s Thoughts

Rock Portrait

Rock Style

Fox’s Presence

Hiding Fox

Black and White Queen of Delicacy

Black and White Porcelain Portrait

Queen of Violet

Delicate Portrait

The Blue Skirt

Women’s Thoughts

Porcelain Face

Black and White Winter Portrait

Black and White Winter Thoughts

Black and White Winter Coat

Winter is Back

Hazelnut Eyes

Hazelnut Portrait

Spring Idyll

Spring Outdoor Colorful Portrait

First Communion

First Communion

First Communion

First Communion

Autumn Portrait

Black and White Autumn Portrait

Dog’s Fate

Autumn Walk

Black and White Opportunity

Black and White Wildness

Golden Hour Portrait

Black and White Golden Hour

Delicate Femininity

Black and White Tenderness

Christmassy Pleasure

Black and White Portrait

Christmas Portrait

Golden Thoughts

Bitter Secret

Mysterious Presence

The Forbidden Fruit

Blonde American Portrait with Sunrise

Catching Sunrise

Hazelnut Brunette Portrait During the Sunset

Double Darkness

Summer Blonde Thoughts

Black and White Summer Blonde Portrait

Black and White Double Basketball Passion

Black and White Basketball Passion

Basketball Rush

Blonde Hazelnut Sunset Portrait

Black and White Spring Portrait

Spring Portrait

Black and White Poniatowski’s Bridge

A. Wisniewska The Palace of Culture and Science Orange One

A. Wisniewska Fashion Green and Orange One

A. Wisniewska Fashion Orange One

A. Wisniewska Fashion Green One

A. Wisniewska Green One

Black and White Sunglasses

Black and White Sun